Hi there, I'm Renée from Wayfairer.

I'm a life change and an ICF (International Coach Federation) results coach, for people who are aware that something in their life needs to shift.

Through coaching I help people create change by looking at the bigger picture before focusing on the details and identifying what I like to think of the 'golden thread', that element that is in everything we do, our natural zone of genius, and from that point we set up your next steps towards achieving the results and change you're seeking.                                                                                          
With a background in education, teaching, training from schools to corporations to universities, I've been on the path of learning and development since before I realised it was in fact, my path. Before getting to this point, I went on a few adventures around the world, alone. I transitioned from being a classroom teacher to traveller and coach. I actively looked for ways to extend my travels, I made plenty of mistakes but learned a lot too, I even stopped and studied along the way. I’d describe myself as a perpetual student. I now use my experiences to help others not make the same mistakes I did.

A few years ago wrote an e-book, 101 ways to earn money whilst travelling. I’ve lived in five countries and travelled to over seventy, my photo album is epic. I’m not afraid of a challenge, or change.

My zone of genius is my ability to see opportunities and identifying key skills that can be turned into products, income streams, and businesses. I’ve got a strong entrepreneurial streak, I’m the cheer squad behind the team. I will help you to identify and generate ideas, action plans, and strategies, and then support you as you evolve and change with them. 

Sometimes it's the most unexpected seed that just needs a little encouragement to grow which turns into the most magnificent adventure of your life.

We are all constantly reflecting and evolving, and in order to make the most of the time we have, it's necessary to plan and put our ideas into motion. If you're aware of your growing need to change things in your life, anxious to start a new life or fulfill some wanderlust desires, this is a good place to start.

My 1:1 coaching sessions are bespoke to you, and designed to ignite your inspiration to create your best life, the life you're designed to live.


Renée's talent lies in her ability to develop self awareness. That, coupled with her clarification of marketing concepts, brand growth, and ways in which to harness social media, gave us the confidence required to take the necessary steps of turning our dream into a reality. Dynamic.

Dave Monk - Tour cyclist and blogger

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I have worked with Renée for a number of years and would highly recommend her services. Her intuitive and creative nature, coupled with her ability to think outside the box, make her a valuable life change coach. At times when I felt stuck, it was her perspective and helpful suggestions, strategies and tools that enabled me to take the mental and physical steps towards change.

Dr Jessica André - Marine Biologist and Children's book illustrator

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