Hi there!

I'm Renée from Wayfairer.

I started travelling in 2002 as soon as I finished my education degree in Sydney, Australia. I had always been interested in the world and exploring, but had always envisioned it to fit in and around my 'job and real life'. But that notion changed pretty rapidly in 2001 when I went to live in London for a few months as part of a research scholarship, I returned to University absolutely certain I couldn't stay in Australia and I needed to go and see and do as much as I could, immediately.

What started out as a quick jaunt through South East Asia, turned into five months exploring the sub-continent and only came to an end when I received a phone call from my father saying I had $10 in my bank account and should probably get a job, quickly. And so, I changed my way of travelling and started earning money whilst I travelled as the life I thought I was going to have, in fact, wasn't the one I wanted. My journey began, living, travelling and working around the USA from summer camp to private yachts, I then moved to England and, the Netherlands where I continued to teach, it was during this time that I started Wayfairer, buying and selling beautiful textiles and products I picked up when travelling, after too many years of grey skies and rain I went to Australia for a few years and continued to develop Wayfairer, I started working with and coaching people, specialising in emotional intelligence training in the workplace and it was here that I developed my ideal Life Recipe which is why I decided to move to Spain.

In and amongst those four big international moves I travelled the world, my most epic adventure an overland journey from South East Asia to Spain through central Asia, Russia, and Eastern Europe, which took me about a year - it was one of the toughest but most rewarding trips I have ever done. Catching a plane and travelling door to door just did not occur to me!

And so, I write to you now from my current home in Southern Andalucia where I live by the beach, in an area with over 300 days of sunshine a year and an online coaching and training company that allows me to work when, where and however I feel is right for me.

Sound good to you? Fantastic, to get you started I wrote a handbook with 101 ideas of how you can earn money whilst you're on the road and depending on how you want to travel you can choose different types of work to suit your needs and where you're headed - why make the same mistakes I did? Exactly, tap into my experience and save yourself some time and heartache. 

Got questions or want to work with me? I offer 1:1 coaching to help you get started and on the road with confidence and support. Check out my coaching packages here

Keep in touch, I love to see and hear about adventures and share tips and hints, especially new exciting discoveries or ways to make life on the road that little bit easier. Find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Happy Wayfairing - and I look forward to meeting you on the road!

Renée x                

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